Divorce Coaching Australia Website is backed up by interviews with leading professionals covering topics relevant to situations you may be experiencing now or could in the future.

The professionals are highly respected in their field and work towards all parties - particularly children - surviving divorce with lives intact.

Each interview is approxiamately 8 to 12 pages and comphrensive in content.



Family Law & You
Mary-Clare Kennedy is a practising Family Law Barrister in Sydney CBD and previously practiced as an Accredited Family Law Specialist. She discusses:

- Family Law & terminology - past and present
- Mediation & the court process
- What to do when first separating
- Choosing a solicitor & questions to ask
- Ways to reduce costs.

Fiona_Bateman_3 Topic:
Forensic Accounting
Fiona Bateman B.Bus. CA
If one or more of the parties operates a business - which has current and ongoing value -  there is a strong possibility you will need the assistance of a Forensic Accountant to determine the value of your asset pool.
Ian_Wallace_1 Topic:
Children living through Separation & Divorce
Ian Wallace, Consultant Psychologist
Ian is highly regarded in his field and a sought after speaker for issues relating to families and kids.
We are fortunate to have been able to interview him about the negative effects of separation and divorce on children and get his advice on ways of helping.
Jill_Burrett_3 Topic:
Life after Separation
Jill Burrett MSc. MAPsS
Emotions can run very high when a relationship breaks down.
Jill has a wealth of experience dealing with separation counselling from her many years working with the Family Court and in her private practice.
She discusses what to expect when separating and offers some ideas to help get through this period.
Jan_Egan Topic:
Making & Accepting Change in our Lives
Jan Egan, Psychologist & Psychotherapist
"It seems a truism that for each of us at some stage in our life, we will go through a major experience or experiences of loss or betrayal that will challenge us to change or at least examine the way we are living our life. I am talking mainly about a real depth of psychological change. This is the kind of change that we don’t just one day decide to make."
Jan explores why some people embrace change and others don't.
Gealdine_Georgeau_3 Topic:
Stress & how it affects our Metabolism
Geraldine Georgeou B.Sc Nutr. M.Sc Nu
Have you ever noticed how some poeple loose weight and others put weight on when under stress?
Stress affects all of us in different ways. Some of us will cope better than others with the stress of a separation and divorce.
How you travel through this time - and the choices you make about your health, diet & alcohol intake - will not only affect your health, but also your appearance.
Geraldine looks at how stress affects our metabolism and therefore us. She explains why and what happens when we are under alot of stress and offers some ideas to help.
Dr_Penny_Adams Topic:
Divorce & Motherguilt
Dr. Penny Adams MBBS (UNSW) Hons,FRACGP 
Penny Adams graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1982 with first class honours and the University Medal. Penny has co-authored - with Ita Buttrose - the book  MOTHERGUILT.
From this research and her experence in general practice Penny speaks about feelings mothers experience when divorcing.


Dealing with a Mortgage Broker
Phil Naylor is the CEO of The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).
Not everyone has used the services of a mortgage broker. Phil discusses what you need to know if you choose to use a mortgage broker to apply for a loan.


Mark Rantall a


Getting Financial Advice
Mark Rantall is the CEO of Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).
Financial Planning is undergoing much Legislative change. It is imperative that you choose a financial planner carefully. Mark discusses what you need to know when using the services of a financial planner.

Sue Parker 3


What is Collaborative Law?
Sue Parker, Solicitor & Accredited Family Law Specialist with the New South Wales Law Society.
Collaborative Law is a voluntary dispute resolution process. It is aimed at helping parties to negiotate and maintain control over the outcome of their financial settlement and parenting issues. Sue discusses what it is and how it works from a practitioners perspective.