Divorce Survival Video Course


                     For $50 (plus Gst) you can complete a video course when it suits you and
                     at your own pace.

We will cover the practicalities around Separation:
                                    - how to prepare and save money when seeing a Family Law Solicitor
                                    - the legal process explained 
                                    - how to write an affidavit, should you need to
                                    - co-parenting issues to consider & parenting plans
                                    - communication techniques to help with negotiations
                                    - strategies to deal with difficult conversations                                  
                                    - change and the emotional process ahead
                                    - setting new boundaries
                                    - plus more                              
          The course is interactive and is planned to run for over four sessions of approximately
          30 to 40 minutes each.
          You will receive a set of templates to work on for each topic.
          Importantly you will also hear from key professionals specialising in the areas of Family law,
          Forensic accounting, Family dispute resolution and Mediation.
          Access to the course videos will be unlimited for twelve months.

Online Video Course Coming Soon

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Workshops help you to

Anticipate and prepare for what’s ahead!

Develop the skills you will need to take charge and move through this major life challenge more

successfully ... to start living your new life.

Delivery is via Public & Online Groups

Next online group starts Wednesday 5th April from 7.30pm - 9.30pm and runs over 4 weeks.
Cost is $150 + GST

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"Take this opportunity to connect and get mutual support from others travelling the same road

and all from the convenience of your home."

If group work is not suitable, we can cover the content in person or via phone or Skype.

Together we will share, support and learn while exploring:

  • skills you will need to negotiate successful outcomes e.g.
    •  conflict resolution skills* and advanced verbal & written communication skills, important for more neutral emails and messages
    • developing strategies to help with
      • having difficult conversations
      • negotiating under pressure
      • managing anger
      • supporting your children to also navigate changed family structures
  • grieving losses, even if you are the one who made the decision to leave
  • changing yourself image and building self worth
  • support in setting new boundaries .. what might yours be?
  • strategies for you to start healing and become whole again
  • drafting a parenting plan to anticipate & address possible parenting issues, leading to more positive and successful co-parenting in the long term.
     This is in everyone's interests...  especially your children's.  
  • understanding the impact of this major life change and taking steps to deal positively with these changes
  • look at possible stress strategies to sustain your energy levels, particularly important with the demands of children, and essential to making considered decisions
  • setting realistic goals to help transition to your new life more effectively.

  At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Feel more prepared about what’s ahead and have a plan of action
  • Identify your next steps re: legal, financial, children’s issues plus your self-care
  • Consider areas of possible conflict and explore techniques to reduce confrontation
  • Know what makes a good parenting plan and prepare a draft dealing with areas important to you
  • Find your voice and be more confident in your skills to take control of your divorce
  • Feel more supported and less lonely by connecting with others who may also be adjusting to single parenting and dealing with it's challenges
  • Share kids issues and possible solultions
  • Participate in essential learning to help you relfect, gain insight and move forward

This group workshop offers all this, plus opportunities to:

  • brain storm options with others
  • strategise to anticipate issues
  • identify necessary decisions ahead
  • think about your foundations for the future
  • consider how are you processing high impact decisions

This practical and interactive workshop will help you feel empowered to take charge and manage your divorce process, tackling the multitude of  decisions and changes ahead, necessary for you to move on and redefine your new life... your way!

* You will have the option to complete a Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and get REAL feedback about how YOU actually behave during conflict i.e. the Destructive behaviours you choose and need to use less of... and the Constructive behaviours you need to use more often plus how these actions are interpreted by others. This is an invaluable tool when dealing with your ex-partner or negotiating financial or children’s issues.

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If group work is not suitable, we can cover the content personally or via phone or Skype.