Specialist Divorce Support

" Do you want to have the best divorce you can?"

I know it sounds silly to ask about a 'best divorce' - no divorce is good - but some are definitely better than others. These are the ones where:

- the children come out of it in better shape to deal with new family structures

- parents are able to focus on their children's well being

- or if no children, both parties move on to rebuild their lives

Divorce coaching isn't legal advice ... although it may include working with you on decisions you need to make regarding your Family Law issues.

It isn't counselling or therapy.... counselling is important and usually focuses on the past. It is central to gaining insight into 'why' we feel or behave as we do, in order to assist with change or heal emotional wounds.

Divorce Coaching is about the future .. 'where' you want to go, 'how' you are going to get there and then keeping you on track 'when' you need to act ...  helping you achieve your goals and deal more successfully with this major life transition.

Separation and divorce is daunting and stressful. Confusion and uncertainty now seems to be the norm with anger and high emotions never far away and even normal day to day activities can be a struggle.

Divorce coaching can help reduce this and support you through the unfamiliar areas of divorce, so you can  confidently  tackle the multitude of decisions and changes ahead to enable you to move forward to your new life.

Divorce Coaching is right for you if:

  • You are unsure as to whether to leave or stay in the marriage and need a confidential and objective third party to process your decision
  • Confused about the next steps to take and want guidance to get organised or process options or strategies
  • Need a referral to a family law solicitor or other professionals plus get organised for your first appointment
  • Lost your confidence and need to reclaim your voice and be proactive in your divorce
  • Can’t think clearly and feel overwhelmed by stress and the enormity of decisions which need to be made
  • Consumed with anger and not able to concentrate on making good considered decisions
  • Worried about the impact on the children and not sure what to do or steps to take
  • Communication with your partner has broken down and you can’t discuss important issues
  • Not able to deal with the conflict and need tools and strategies to help
  • Need guidance with parenting plans and all the decisions this entails
  • Receiving conflicting advice from family and friends and feel all alone with no one really seeming to understand what its like
  • Feel nervous and not sure how to prepare for mediation or collaborative law conferences to achieve the outcome you want
  • Just need someone neutral to be there for you who will listen and not take sides guiding you to a better place
  • Struggling to let go and move on, stuck in what was ... exhausted with the sadness
  • Need to regain your personal power, and you do have power, to break free of the pain and start living again!

Do it differently to most ... get back in control.

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Interviews by Carolyn

  1. Interviews with Carolyn & Leading Professionals:

    Family Law & You - Mary-Clare Kennedy is a practicing Family Law Barrister in Sydney CBD who previously practiced as an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

    What is Forensic Accounting  by Fiona Bateman B.Bus. CA If one or more of the parties operates a business - which has current and ongoing value - there is a strong possibility you may need the assistance of a Forensic Accountant to determine the value of your asset pool.

    Children living through Separation & Divorce  by Ian Wallace, Psychologist - Ian is highly regarded in his field and a sought after speaker for issues relating to families and kids.

    Life after Separation by Jill Burrett MSc. MAPsS Emotions can run very high when a relationship breaks down. Jill has a wealth of experience dealing with separation counselling from her many years working with the Family Court and in her private practice.

    Making & Accepting Change in our Life by Jan Egan, Psychologist & Psychotherapist
    "It seems a truism that for each of us at some stage in our life, we will go through a major experience or experiences of loss or betrayal that will challenge us to change or at least examine the way we are living our life. I am talking mainly about a real depth of psychological change. This is the kind of change that we don’t just one day decide to make."
    Jan explores why some people embrace change and others don't.

    Dealing with a Mortgage Broker - Phil Naylor is the CEO of The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).
    Not everyone may have used the services of a mortgage broker. Phil discusses what you need to know if you choose to use a mortgage broker to apply for a loan.

    Stress & how it affects our Metabolism by Geraldine Georgeou B.Sc Nutr. M.Sc Nu
    Have you ever noticed how some poeple loose weight and others put weight on when under stress?
    Stress affects all of us in different ways. Some of us will cope better than others with the stress of a separation and divorce.
    Geraldine looks at how stress affects our metabolism and therefore us. She explains why and what happens when we are under alot of stress and offers some ideas to help.

    Divorce & Motherguilt by Dr. Penny Adams MBBS (UNSW) Hons, FRACGP 
    Penny Adams graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1982 with first class honours and the University Medal. Penny has co-authored - with Ita Buttrose - the book  MOTHERGUILT.
    From this research and her experence in general practice Penny speaks about feelings mothers experience when divorcing.


  1. I have recently separated from my husband of 18 years. I found myself a little overwhelmed by the many conflicting emotions and scenarios that we all encounter during this tumultuous time, and was very fortunate to have met Carolyn, in the right place, at the right time.

    Carolyn has been extremely helpful and supportive in guiding me along a new way to tackle life, and has given me many tools to enhance my self-responsibility, accountability and self-empowerment.

    Carolyn’s gentle and compassionate manner has made me feel very comfortable, when having to expose some of those raw emotions and realisations, one must look at to heal and move forward. I have always felt 'in a safe place' with her.

    I am grateful to Carolyn for her flexible methods of communication, as we are in different states, this makes things easy to juggle a time to talk that suits us both.

    Working with her has helped me to let go of my expectations of myself and others, and allow others to be who they are as well as allowing myself to be who I am, I have expanded my learning with a different perspective and outlook on how I can choose to deal with things.

    I highly recommend divorce coaching with Carolyn Madden. Her training in this field as well as her wealth of life experience, I feel has enabled her to be more understanding and empathetic when listening and guiding you to a most positively, profound self-change.                                 Carrie, Perth WA


    My sister bought me the Premium pre-separation divorce package.  She lives in another state and while she could give me a lot of emotional support via phone and email she felt this was a way of helping me access the concrete support and information I needed to make the necessary decisions.  I had been discussing with her the difficulties I was experiencing in my marriage but felt isolated and lacking the knowledge to make informed decisions. 

    My initial contact was a one hour phone divorce coaching session with Carolyn Madden, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was concerned that I would have to deal with difficult emotions long suppressed and could we actually make the emotional connection necessary over the phone.  

    Carolyn was a very calming, understanding and supportive voice who gently encouraged me to focus on what I needed to do to build a better future rather than dwell on the past.  Even though we were sitting in different states this did not prove to be any impediment.

     It was a little overwhelming but in the end I felt empowered and keen to move forward.  I had already made some plans. Carolyn also gave me some tools to help me get organised before my phone appointment with the family law solciitor. 

    I am very grateful to both my sister and to Carolyn.                           Sophie, Gold Coast QLD


    Working with Carolyn has given me a different perspective on the way I see my life and the world. She has been an inspiration, she challenges me when I need challenging, she supports me when I need to redirect my thoughts and my thinking. 

    At first I was hesitant that we were working over the phone, however I have found that I prefer this, it is much easier and flexible. Thank you Carolyn, it is great knowing you.                         Vera, Concord NSW


    After many cups of coffee and long hours of listening to me, my very good friend suggested I speak to Carolyn Madden, a divorce coach.
    I was a bit skeptical, especially when a phone session was suggested.
    From my first phone session I felt empowered. It gave me a sense of direction, assisted me to set realistic goals and action plans.
    Most importantly it aided my self esteem .
    Divorce is overwhelming.
    Talking to a caring professional like Carolyn helped me acknowledge my priorities and a way to achieve them.
    Thank you Carolyn.                                          Rosana, Castle Hill NSW


    Carolyn really helped me to get unstuck and move forward. She was very supportive and professional. I also loved the time-saving convenience of over-the-phone sessions.
    I always had the impression that having a coach was simply creating goals and ticking boxes yet Carolyn's sessions were so much more than that.
    She gently challenged me while helping me see the big picture and where I want to be.          Nadine, Freshwater NSW 


    Fifteen years ago, with much heartache, I came out of a marriage of twenty years.
    This year I have seen the ending of a six year relationship.
    Carolyn has helped me with the trauma and relentless self doubt associated with the decision to end a relationship with a charming although difficult man.
    Coaching with her,  has given me guidance - not just saying "you have the power to change the situation", with no emotional backup, as I received when my marriage finished.
    Carolyn has given me tools to seek soul searching responses; to go through the thought processes systematically to achieve not only the clarity to end the relationship, but also how to respond to my emotions following.
    Had I the guidance she has recently given me, I am sure that years ago I would have had more understanding to evaluate the myriad of painful feelings experienced back then; and in turn would likely have been in a better position to see my recent relationship more clearly;  and therefore have been better placed emotionally to end this sooner. 
    I previously have spent time with different forms of counselling, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists.
    While all have a part to play,  I cannot fault the professionalism and outcomes of the separation coaching Carolyn Madden has provided.
    I am today in a much happier place.                               Cheryl, Mosman NSW   




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