This is the one time when it's important to invest in you!

Divorce coaching pays for itself... getting prepared and organised alone, helps you use your solicitor's time wisely and at charge out rates of $450 to $800 at billed in 6 minute blocks, their costs can add up quickly.
Saving an hour or less of their time, can easily cover the costs of a coaching package and you get all the extra benefits coaching provides. 

            Coaching works very well over the phone which helps with flexibility of time and place
blue handsets allows for lower fees.
  Evening phone appointments are available to fit in with busy schedules and children's needs.

Fees:  single phone session $120 per hour + GST

Packages provide value for money and extra services, plus help me get familiar with you and your circumstances:

Four sessions                 $  440 + GST -  valid for 6 months    – save $40
Six sessions                   $   600 + GST -  valid for 6months     – save $120
Eight sessions                $  760 + GST -  valid for 12 months  – save $200
Twelve sessions             $  1100 + GST - valid for 12 months – save $340

Include:             - 60 minute phone sessions  
                           - Unlimited email and text support for the duration of the sessions
                           - Guided worksheets, templates, checklists, exercises and tools to prepare around

Face to face appointments are also availabe - $180 per hour + GST

Initially, you may want to do weekly or every second week moving to monthly or longer intervals depending on where you are up to in the divorce process and how you feel.

Click here to read more about Divorce Coaching.

CDP Conflict Dynamics Profile

Cost is $150 (+GST) which includes the University scoring costs, an 8 page report and a 40 page Development Guide outlining suggestions for improving behaviours and cooling hot buttons plus a 45 minute de-briefing session.  Click here to find out more.

  Payment is upfront by PayPal or direct deposit.

  Contact Us ... to organise payment or
  call 0419 443 068 to speak with Carolyn.