Specialist Separation / Divorce Support and Recovery Coaching

In conjunction with your legal advice, I offer the full support package of a safe and confidential environment to process decisions, consider options or negotiation strategy, keeping you pro-active and creating solutions when roadblocks occur, to avoid the pitfalls of emotional decision making, plus develop a plan for tomorrow.

Getting informed and organised to use professionals time wisely saves you time and money. You also become a more collected and credible client in the legal process, helping you make clearer decisions and avoid costly mistakes, more able to keep things on track.

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Certified Divore Coach Logo Certified Divore Coach Logo

One on one coaching through divorce can help you:

  • Stay in control to avoid angry emotional hijacks, focusing on the long term and what’s really important for you and your family 
  • Feel calmer and more empowered by anticipating and preparing for what’s ahead and develop a plan of action  
  • Identify your next steps re: legal, financial / property, children’s issues
  • Plus focus on your self-care so you stay in good emotional shape to be able to stay the course and achieve your long term goals
  • Develop a draft parenting plan to anticipate and address possible issues pertinent to your new family structure
  • Consider areas of possible conflict and explore techniques to reduce confrontation to improve co-parenting
  • Find your voice and be more confident in your skills to take control of your divorce and do it your way
  • Let go of what was … and have the courage to create what is possible during your divorce journey and afterwards
  • Preparing for Pre-mediation or Collaborative law conferences, to clarify your thoughts plus increase crucial skills necessary to participate more constructively in negotiations e.g. communication and self-management techniques and attend with you if necessary.
Divorce changes lives forever ... divorce coaching helps minimise the damage, so lives are changed for the best.