Short 10 - 15 minute video series emailed over 6 days.

Australian Family Law is complicated.

To help provide some insight to the various areas you will encounter, I have interviewed three experienced Family Law Solicitors about what you should know when separating or considering separation.
Currently there are six family law video interviews, approximately 10 minutes each, which will be emailed to you daily.  

The videos will cover:


  1. Engaging a family law solicitor
  2. Preparing to see a family law solicitor and how to save money
  3. How property settlements are determined under Australian Family Law
  4. Family Law and children – what you need to be aware of
  5. How parenting arrangements are determined under Australian Family Law
  6. Family Dispute Resolution conferences and Mediation – what are they and what is the difference

More interviews will be added over the coming weeks and will also be emailed to you.

Please contact me if there is a particular area you would like covered to do with the legal process or children’s issues. 

Featured Family Law Solicitors:    
Frances Edwards –   founder and principal of Edwards Family Lawyers, North Sydney NSW

Michael Moloney –  partner Edwards Family Lawyers, North Sydney NSW

Nicole Jevtovic –       founder and principal of Clarity Family Law, Gold Coast QLD

The three family law solicitors are very experienced in family law. I chose them because they work towards parties resolving their divorce amiable to avoid going to court. Their focus is on reducing family upheaval so you and your family can move on more quickly with your new life.
All three family law solicitors provide services to clients interstate or in country areas.

Online course coming soon - self-paced to watch at your convenience. 

Divorce changes lives forever and can be an emotional minefield.

The course will help you deal more confidently with negotiations, difficult conversations, manage strong emotions (yours and others) to communicate more effectively with ex-partners, helping to improve the chances of more positive co-parenting and reduce negative impact on children. 

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All information in the Family Law Video Series is general information and not legal advice.
It is important that you get specific legal advice pertinent to your individual circumstances.