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Preparing for Mediation or to see a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)

Preparing for Mediation

Preparing before any divorce related meeting or conference, increases your chances of a successful outcome. Being coached to develop skills and strategies can help achieve this.
This is done in conjunction with your legal advice.     

Essential to a successful outcome are skills to effectively communicate your message plus the ability to manage yourself under pressure ... to avoid getting triggered by what the other party may say.

This can be even more difficult to achieve in property settlement or negotiations about children’s issues when emotions and stakes are high. Nerves, unfamiliar environments and no previous experience of such structures can combine to overwhelm and result in loss of confidence and impact your ability to convey exactly what you may want to resulting in feeling pressured to agree to something you may later regret or even giving in all together.

Coaching helps you get your thinking clear before you go into the tension and pressure of the room plus get mentally prepared to interact and actively engage in the process from a position of confidence and strength plus identify strategies to manage out of control emotions. Being better prepared also reduces your stress levels which will enable you to participate more fully.

The purpose of preparation is to do some groundwork to get your thinking clear before you go into the room plus to anticipate areas you may be able to make concessions - as well as speak with confidence and present well.

You will develop skills to effectively communicate your message and help avoid being triggered by the other party.


Together we will work through a preparation workbook which then will becomes your resource for practice.

Face to face sessions are preferable to enable practice and role play along with feedback for improvement. Online sessions are also available.

1 ½ hour – 2 hour sessions are preferable as there is a lot to cover, sometime a second session is necessary depending on how you feel.

What we will cover:

  • In line with your legal advice, we will help get your thinking clear by considering your current position, exploring your needs and interests to clarify and generate options and alternatives aimed at developing a fuller picture for you so you can develop strategies to achieve a resolution, we will then:
    • Set clear goals around what you are looking to achieve during the conference, making sure they align with your long term objectives and then
    • prepare and practice what you want to actually say and how you are going to deliver this to ensure you are using positive communication statements, clearly and confidently
  • Advanced communications skills to convey clear messages
  • Techniques to manage emotions and stay in control
  • Tools to help you develop insight into behaviours we choose allowing you more control manage over your behaviours
  • How to present yourself and body language that impacts
  • Mediation specific skills about:

    - asking questions to enquire

   - gathering information from the other side constructively

   - making proposals positively

   - plus prepare, practice and refine using these tools

You will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of your needs and interests and strategies to help aid resolution
  • Feel more confident in your skills to participle as an equal in the process and prepared without feeling intimidated by adversarial comments
  • Have prepared statements which express your wants in an emotionally intelligent and professional manner
  • Have increased skills to help you participate more fully and clearly communicate what you want to say
  • Understand how to present yourself and stay in your power
  • Gain clarity and focus on what you are wanting to achieve
  • Be able to more effectively participate in the process and be equipped with the skills and language to do so
  • Be better able to deal with strong emotions from yourself and the other side
  • Feel less nervous and more prepared and know what you want to achieve
  • Have tools to help you feel more empowered, managing your feelings to stay in control and participate fully and not get hijacked by out of control bursts of anger or behaviour


Face to face $ 190 + GST per hour
Online $150 + GST per hour

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