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To Stay or Leave

To stay or leave the marriage - for some, the hardest decision of all. 

2 x 1 hour coaching sessions $340 + gst
- includes online Values Pendulum (VP) Assessment cost

The decision to stay or leave can be paralising, with some people sitting in this space for several months or years. They think about it from all angles trying to consider the pros and cons and often end up dong circles on the spot.

To help you process this life changing decision, you will have the opportunity to take the online Values Pendulum (VP)  Assessment.

This incredible powerful tool allows you to learn about yourself and where you want your future to be headed.

We will also work through some exercises aimed at increasing your awareness about what is important to you now and in the future, helping you put the decision to leave or not into perspective.

Optional extra session
Assistance with how to tell the other party about your wish to divorce ... in a dignified and respectful manner .
I will help you draft an outline of the conversation.

We will also look at how to tell children / teens in an age appropiate manner.

Call Carolyn on the number below, to see how I can help you.

Download a short questionnaire - Values Pendulum Relationship Health Check below.





  • Values Pendulum Relationship Health Check

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