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3 Steps to Negotiate Your Divorce

3 Steps to Negotiate your own Divorce

Covering the basics - save time and money by being prepared. 

3 x 1 hour sessions $360 + gst
60 or 90 minutes sessions to suit you.

Step 1 - preparing to see a family law solicitor

Together we will:
- list all the information you will need to take
- learn how to save money
- identify your priorities and goals, short and long term so we can
- set out your clear instructions for the solicitor ... to get advice pertinent to your situation

Step 2 - children's needs

We will consider:
- what's important to your family's circumstances and draft a parenting plan accordingly - it's important to anticipate as much as possible here, to help reduce angst latter on
- strategies and guidance on how to deal with children and teens strong emotions
- what parenting options will work for you and your partner in a practical sense
- where to develop boundaries if necessary, 

Step 3 - divorce specific negotiation skills

You will:
- learn and  practice specific negotiations skills including how to make  proposals
- identify old patterns of communicating and learn new communications approaches to ensure your needs and wants are clearly expressed now and in the future. This helps reduce conflict whch is in everyone's interest ... expecially your children's.
- you will get a template to help achieve better outcomes when difficult conversations need to occur.

This program sets the scene for you to have more positive discussions over property settlement and children's orders.

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