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Divorce Resilience

Divorce can be tough and often brings with it a sense of isolation not experienced before.

3 x 1 hour sessions $360 + gst
60 or 90 minutes sessions to suit you

Multiple areas of change, intensity of emotions, life changing decisions and the loss of family structure can result in emotional overwhelm ... feelings can come flooding in a different times of the day when least expected.
People describe the process to an emotional timebomb.

The ups and downs can be soul destroying and affect us in many ways - our jobs can suffer, as well as our capacity to parent effectively.

You don't need to do it alone!

Together we will:
- identify strategies to build your resilience so you can support your children and continue to perform at your work
- review strategies and tools to help you manage emotions and stay in control
- learn about where you are in the grieving process and strategies to help you move forward
- rewire and change your mindset to enable you to deal with the pressures you are experiencing

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