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Divorce Recovery - Redefining the New You

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2 months of one-on-one coaching support focused on your specific needs and life circumstances ... just for you and about you!    OR

Life is precious, don’t waste time doing circles on the stop or standing still waiting for things to get better. Take control now and start living your best life, on your terms ... your way!       

The experience of separation and divorce is a grief process without the ritual, sympathy and support from family and firends that usually follows a death. The focus on the legal aspect of divorce is where many people become stuck and derailed because it doesn't give you a healthy means of processing the anger, grief and loss that is often a central part of the experience.

Most people invest a great deal of emotion, hope, effort, time and money into a marriage or committed relationship. In fact they usually invest their whole life. It's not surprising then, that divorce has many casualties and some people never recover from the experience or 'move on' with their lives.

"A neutral third person there just for me, supporting me so I could support my children. Encouraging me to stay on track - indeed helping me to work out where the track was, so I could follow it - would have been an invaluable resource to be able to call upon." Carolyn

Divorce can be a painful and lonely experience and there is only so much friends and family can do to help and support you.

8 weekly coaching sessions - or the online group coaching program - is time just for you and your needs, when you are often overwhelmed by the needs of others.

Recovery coaching with Carolyn:
  • Uses research and evidence based tools to support and empower you to move forward and embed these skills for the future
  • Give you access to professional online assessments to get real feedback about how you are travelling and offer insights to help direct you
  • Focuses on starting the process of transitioning from married life to being single again for you to create a new and exciting future
  • Identifies your strengths to support your transition into your new life
  • Supports you to process the grief, anger and emotion about the end of your marriage as well as practical support and guidance on managing relationships with children and your ex spouse or partner
  • Challenges your thinking when you start to go off the track
You will feel:-
  • Supported and not alone... I will be there backing you all the way, so you stay on track, don’t get stuck or go backwards but continue to move forward
  • Better able to manage your emotions and anger
  • Empowered to move forward, dream and set goals for your new future
  • Able to develop strategies to deal with stressful events to facilitate healing
  • More able to confront the ending of your marriage / relationship
  • Increase your resilience for the energy you will need to get through this period
  • More confident about possibilities for the future, able to develop skills for when times are tough
  • Better able to start the healing process to become whole again and not waste time sitting in the past
  • More constructive about your future with a more positive mindset
  • More confident to let go of what was .. and create what is possible
What's it like to be coached by Carolyn?

“I was still extremely angry and emotional about the end of my marriage and didn't know how to process those intense emotions. I knew I needed help, guidance and support from someone who understood what I was experiencing but could also give me the tools and skills to navigate this painful journey. I knew I couldn't do this journey alone.
In many ways finding Carolyn was like an answer to a prayer. As well as guiding and challenging me when I needed it, Carolyn has helped me to begin looking at my life beyond divorce and dare to dream about creating a future as a single person post-divorce.
I now believe having professional coaching for one's life post-divorce is just as important as having a coach to guide you through the divorce process. I have found coaching different from counselling. It supports you to start looking at your life and your future post marriage as a single person and not as part of a couple. That is a much more difficult process than I imagined, especially if you have been married or part of a couple for a long time".Anne, Bondi Junction NSW

If you're ready to take action Call Carolyn to discuss how recovery coaching can support you to move forward - Click Here to register your interest.


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